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Look and Feel Your Best With Crystal-Free DiamondTome Microdermabrasion

What do the stars of Hollywood use to keep that youthful glow?

The answer might surprise you. It's not facelifts or laser resurfacing, but a painless, non-invasive "lunchtime" procedure known as Microdermabrasion.

Years of sun exposure and the aging process take their toll on the skin, creating lines, wrinkles and changes in texture and color. Not only is the face a likely victim of these changes, but the neck, chest, cleavage, arms, hands and feet may be affected as well.

At The Laser and Rejuvenation Center of Pittsburgh our trained professional expertly uses an innovative new instrument called the DiamondTome Wand . This device is a major advance in Microdermabrasion using a diamond-chip wand to gently exfoliate and polish the skin.

Unlike older traditional Microdermabrasion treatments the DiamondTome Skin Resurfacing System does not spray abrasive particles across your skin, potentially contaminating you and the environment. Microdermabrasion leaves your skin softer, smoother and fresher looking so SIT BACK, RELAX, and ENJOY !

Frequently Asked Questions
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1. What is Microdermabrasion?
2. What is Diamondtome Microdermabrasion?
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